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Exam preparation and recovery language courses

University Exams

We provide language courses for the preparation of university exams of any faculty. Our method is flexible and adapts perfectly to the  particular needs of each student. Our courses, both online and face-to-face, both individual and in groups, are dedicated to university students of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Specializations and Masters

The preparation for specialization and master’s exams are  one of our strengths, in fact, our courses allow preparation for access to a master’s degree or to language faculties in other countries.

High school and homework

Our language courses are also aimed at high school students, in particular for the preparation of class assignments, exam recovery to catch up on time and keep up with the school program.

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Courses for Students


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    Frequent questions

    Our online language courses will allow you to prepare for exams faster and more efficiently through a proven study method. If you have to make up for an exam, if you have little time available, online courses will allow you to save travel time, maintaining your usual lifestyle. Search among our online courses by clicking here.
    Yes, students take a small test to assess their level before the course starts. Thanks to this assessment, it will be possible to create a tailor-made study program for the student. Access our section dedicated to free online language level tests for all languages by clicking here.
    Yes, if the other student’s level of knowledge of the language is the same for both.
    Contact us to receive more information on the characteristics of individual courses for university or school students. You will receive support in order to get the best tailored solution to achieve your study goals.
    Yes, if your teacher believes that your skills are better than the language course you are attending.
    The average cost of a language course for university and school students varies on the basis of a number of factors, such as the duration, the level, whether face-to-face or online, whether it is an individual course with private lessons or whether it is a collective group course. Visit the page Search Courses to view the prices of our courses.
    The best language courses for students are courses planned specifically tailored to the study path of each individual student. In addition, experienced native-speaking teachers are essential, who adopt a method tested over the years to achieve the objectives planned at the beginning of the course.

    Students can communicate directly with the teacher in various ways according to their preferences. The possibilities for communicating are numerous, for example:
    Skype, Hangout, Zoom, Discord, Teams, by Telephone.