Why study with us?


Who we are

We are a language school in Italy, with headquarters in Milan, offering language courses of all levels, from beginners to more advanced courses. Over the years we have become a point of reference for language courses, both for students and professionals, thanks to our method which provides innovative techniques for learning languages, through face-to-face courses or live online courses with our mother tongue teachers.

Our main office is located in Milan at the offices of Interdialog Language School, but thanks to online language courses,  we can carry out language courses throughout Italy and all over the world.

We collaborate with selected certified native teachers, with university qualification and preparation and with extensive experience in the education sector.

Our goal is to provide language courses for Italians and foreigners personalized made to measure, for learn languages in a short time, in order to achieve a specific goal.

Our language courses are aimed at all age groups, for students, as well as professionals and companies to whom we offer business-oriented courses.

The method

Learn languages effectively, quickly and permanently


All teachers are native speakers and high-level professionals


Tailor-made study programs for students and professionals

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Our teaching team


Our Native Teachers

Our teachers use a training method aimed at a quick and complete acquisition of language skills and knowledge. The Method is based on authentic and natural communication continually recreated with the students. All language teachers are native speakers and high-level expert professionals, capable of meeting all students’ expectations, both through language lessons in the classroom, and through < strong>online lessons through the platforms offered by new technologies.
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