Why study Portuguese with us?


Why learn the Portuguese language

Portuguese is a Romance language belonging to the Iberian language group. It is mainly spoken in Portugal, Brazil and in some former Portuguese colonies in Africa, Asia and America Latin.

Modern Standard Portuguese is based on the language spoken in Lisbon, Portugal, but regional variations also exist in all countries where it is spoken.

Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world and the fifth most widespread language on the internet.

There are many reasons to study the Portuguese language:

  1. Communication: Portuguese is the official language of eight countries and one of the official languages of the United Nations, making it a very important language for international communication.
  2. Business: Brazil is the seventh largest economy in the world, and Portuguese is the country’s official language, making it a very important language for business.
  3. Travel: Knowing Portuguese can make traveling to countries like Portugal, Brazil, and Mozambique more enjoyable.
  4. Culture: Portugal and Brazil have rich cultural and historical heritages and knowing Portuguese allows you to appreciate these cultures even more.
  5. Enrichment Personal: Learning a new language is always an enriching experience that improves critical thinking skills, long-term memory, and mental flexibility. li>

In summary, studying Portuguese can offer many personal and professional opportunities and enrich the lives of the speaker.

Do you want to test your Portuguese level online for free?

Check out our free online Portuguese language test to know your level in minutes.

Individual Portuguese Courses

Portuguese study courses, individual or semi-individual, maximum 2-3 people, dedicated and personalized, with maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Group Portuguese Courses

Group Portuguese courses, consisting of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people. Study groups of the same level and with the same objectives.

Portuguese Courses in Presence

Our Portuguese courses in presence can be held at our offices, or at the student's home or the professional's company headquarters.

Portuguese Courses

The online Portuguese courses are the optimal solution for those who cannot guarantee a continuous presence for study or work reasons.

Corporate Portuguese courses

Portuguese courses for companies and professionals customized according to the context and reference sector in which the company operates.

Portuguese Courses for Children and Teens

Our Portuguese courses dedicated to children aged 13 to 17, and to children up to 12, with specialized teachers.

Portuguese Courses for Study

Specialized Portuguese courses for university students for Portuguese exam preparation or high school students.

Conversation courses with native speakers

Portuguese conversation lessons with native speakers, to improve the pronunciation and fluency of the Portuguese language in real contexts.

Certified Portuguese courses


Portuguese courses with certification

The Portuguese language certifications are formal tests that evaluate knowledge and proficiency in the language. There are several organizations that offer certifications for Portuguese, including:

  1. CELPE-Bras: This certification is recognized by the Brazilian government and assesses knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese.
  2. CAPLE: This certification is recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and assesses your knowledge of European Portuguese.
  3. AprovaPort: This certification is recognized by the Portuguese government and assesses your knowledge of European Portuguese.
  4. CELP-IPL: This certification is offered by the Camões Institute and assesses the knowledge of European Portuguese.

These certifications can be useful for various purposes, such as for employment, education, immigration, participation in strong>study abroad or simply to demonstrate one’s competence in the language.

The certifications consist of a series of exams which evaluate oral and written comprehension, oral and written production, grammar strong> and the vocabulary. The difficulty and duration of the exam vary depending on the certification chosen.

Frequent questions

Yes, you will take a test to evaluate your level of Portuguese before the start of the course, which will be used to evaluate your level of knowledge of the Portuguese language and consequently create the study path tailored to you. Access our page dedicated to the online Portuguese level test by clicking here.
Yes, if the Portuguese language level is the same.
Contact us using the contact form below, or call us to receive more information on the characteristics of our courses and to receive assistance in creating a tailor-made Portuguese language study program and achieving your goals.
Yes, if your Portuguese teacher believes that you are more competent than the course you are attending, you will be able to access a higher level Portuguese course.
The average cost of a Portuguese course varies according to some details, which are, among others, the duration, the level, whether there is presence or if online, if individual course with a private teacher or if in a group with other students. Visit the page Search Courses to view the prices of our courses.
The best Portuguese courses are those with experienced mother-tongue teachers, who adopt a study method tested over the years, to achieve the student’s objectives established at the beginning of the course.
The online Portuguese courses take place directly with the Portuguese teacher via smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. The possibilities for communicating are numerous, among the apps and software available, you can decide according to your preferences, such as: Skype, Hangout, Zoom, Discord, Phone (WhatsApp, Telegram)


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