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Collective Language Courses


Online group courses for social learning

Group Language Courses are a popular option for those wishing to learn a new language. These courses offer the opportunity to interact with other students, share and exchange ideas, work together and improve your language skills through social learning. Group language courses focus on common themes, in a stimulating environment where students can feel motivated and involved in the learning process.

Language Courses for Small Groups: Greater Attention to Individual Needs

Small group language courses are an excellent solution for those who want to learn a new language in a social environment and at the same time with more personalisation. Thanks to the small number of students, the participants of these courses have the opportunity to receive more personalized attention and to work on their specific needs. This solution is particularly suitable for beginners or for those who wish to overcome some specific difficulties in the language they are learning.

Online Group Language Courses: Social and Affordable Learning

Online Group Language Courses are the ideal alternative for those looking for the best option between networking and convenience. Thanks to online learning, students can participate in language courses by building a learning community. These courses provide a structured virtual environment that allows students to have direct engagement with their teachers and classmates, initiating comparison and the social sharing of ideas and improving one’s communication skills. Furthermore, online language courses are very convenient and accessible, which means that students can take courses wherever they are, for example from home or from their office.

In summary, group language courses are the ideal solution for those looking for a stimulating and socializing environment to learn a new language.

Thanks to the development of innovative technologies and online learning, group courses have become increasingly accessible and flexible, cost-effective, allowing students to choose the learning method language that best suits your needs and preferences.

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    Frequent questions

    Yes, students of group language courses must take a test before the start of the course which will be used to assess the level of knowledge of the language and to create the suitable study path and to be included in a group with peer students level. Access our section dedicated to free level tests for all languages by clicking here.

    Yes, if the group course has the same level of language knowledge.

    Contact us to receive more information on the characteristics of group courses in presence or online, and to receive assistance and advice in order to obtain the optimal solution to achieve your goals.
    Yes, if your teacher believes you have the skills to attend a higher level language group course.
    The average cost of a group language course varies according to some factors, which are, among others, the duration, the level of certification to be obtained, whether face-to-face or online, whether it is a small group course or less, with private teacher. Visit the page Search Courses to view the prices of our courses.
    The best online group language courses are those with mother-tongue teachers with experience, especially in the specific reference sector of the certifications required by the student, who personalize a study plan with a method tested over the years to achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the course. course.
    Students or working professionals can communicate directly with the native teacher in the way they prefer. There are numerous possibilities for communicating via PC, smartphone or tablet: Skype, Hangout, Zoom, Discord, Teams, By phone.

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