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Individual Courses Online a customized solution

The Individual and Semi-Individual Language Courses represent a customised solution for those wishing to learn a new language or perfect their language skills, with a flexible learning program adaptable to any need. These programs differ from group courses, because they are based on obtaining specific results through individual or small group language lessons. Furthermore, the individual and semi-individual language courses offer the possibility of choosing one’s own mother tongue teacher , the lessons can be scheduled according to the availability of the individual student and the attention is entirely paid to the specific needs of the student.

The Winning Choice for Learning a New Language

Individual language courses are the ideal solution for those who want to learn a new language quickly and effectively. Each lesson is personalized on the basis of needs, the language skills of the moment and the aptitudes of the individual, allowing for quick and immediate learning applicable to everyday situations. Furthermore, the one-to-one language courses offer the possibility to program lessons according to one’s needs, both in terms of timetable and frequency, ensuring maximum freedom of choice and personalization.

Semi-Individual Language Courses: The Alternative to Group Courses

The semi-individual language courses are an intermediate solution between group courses and individual courses. These programs allow you to create small groups of students, of up to four people, who have similar levels of proficiency in the language, allowing for more personalized attention to each individual student. In this way, you have the opportunity to interact and discuss with other students, and to put the acquired language skills into practice, without renouncing the personalization of the lessons.

Thanks to the personalization of the lessons, these courses are able to offer a unique learning experience, where each individual student can focus on their own goals and areas for improvement .

Furthermore, online learning allows you to schedule lessons with maximum flexibility, ensuring maximum study convenience, and to have native teachers at your disposal highly qualified, who can bring great added value to learning. Both individual and semi-individual language courses are an alternative to group courses, ideal for those looking for a study solution student-friendly.

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    Frequent questions

    Yes, students of individual or semi-individual language courses must take a test before the start of the course which will be used to assess the level of knowledge of the language and to create the suitable study path. Access our section dedicated to free level tests for all languages by clicking here.
    Yes, if the level of knowledge of the language of your acquaintance, friend, relative or colleague is the same.
    Contact us to receive more information on the characteristics of the single individual or semi-individual courses in presence or online, and to receive assistance and advice in order to obtain the optimal solution to achieve your goals.
    Yes, if your teacher believes you have the skills to attend a higher level language course.
    The average cost of an individual or semi-individual language course varies according to some factors, which are, among others, the duration, the level of certification to be obtained, whether face-to-face or online, whether it is a course individual or semi-individual with private teacher. Visit the page Search Courses to view the prices of our courses.
    The best online one-to-one or semi-individual language courses are those with mother-tongue teachers with experience, especially in the specific reference sector of the certifications required by the student, who personalize a study plan with a method tested over the years to achieve the objectives established start of the course.
    Students or working professionals can communicate directly with the native teacher in the way they prefer. There are numerous possibilities for communicating via PC, smartphone or tablet: Skype, Hangout, Zoom, Discord, Teams, By phone.

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